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Child support is generally calculated by factoring each parent’s income (or potential income), daycare and health insurance and crediting the non-residential parent for the number of parenting time days he or she has. 

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Every parent has an obligation to support his or her natural or adopted child or children.  Child support obligations have priority over all other financial obligations.

The guidelines apply to all natural born children, whether the parents are married or not, as well as adopted children.

The purpose of the guidelines is to establish a standard of support for children consistent with the reasonable needs of child or children and the ability of the parents to pay, to make support orders consistent for persons in similar circumstances, to give parents and courts guidance in establishing support and to comply with various state and federal law mandates.


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Child Support

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Child Support in Arizona is determined according to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.  The guidelines are established by the Supreme Court of the state and follow the “Income Shares Model.”  This means that the total monthly child support amount approximates the amount that would have been spent to raise the child or children each month, had the parents remained living together.  Under the guidelines, each parent contributes his or her proportionate share of the total support obligation.